Yaşalar is a School!

Yaşalar is a School!


The best gift to a teacher is to make his students happy. Every teacher wants to raise respectful, hardworking, successful but above all happy individuals. Because a happy individual means a happy society and a happy society means a happy world.

Since the day it was founded, Yaşalar follows in Headmaster Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s footsteps and has always been a firm that fully supports education. At Yaşalar Akademi where we have taken the first steps, we reinforce this understanding by providing both sectoral and language training to our fresh graduates.

As Yaşalar, on November 24 Teachers' Day, with the motto the best gift for teachers is the smile on the faces of their students, we wanted to prepare a gift that will not be limited to 24 November. The gift we will give them should not be a symbolic gift because while our teachers gave a precious golden ticket that we will carry for a lifetime and that makes us who we are, With this understanding, we wanted to put a smile on the faces of our students, who are the future of our country by having a library built for a school in need.

With the book donation campaign we started at our factory in November, we collected books suitable for primary and secondary education levels throughout the month. We collected hundreds of books in our donation campaign, which was supported by all our factory staff and we went to a school in need with our staff and placed them on the shelves that we assembled together.

The students who saw the library put a smile on the faces of our teachers. 

The smiles on the faces of our teachers, who worked hard to build the bright future of our country, made us smile.

Hereby, we celebrate the 24 November Teacher’s Day once again.

As our Headmaster Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said that teachers will draw the future!