As Yaşalar, we believe in the necessity of being a high-functioning R&D Center in order to continuously improve our products, production methods and technical services in order to make our presence sustainable in global competition.

The Importance of R&D in
Yaşalar Production

In our projects, according to customer demands with the work of our R&D team; we design, develop and manufacture moulds, fixtures and apparatus.

The importance of R&D in Yaşalar is not only with the designs on the software, but also to continue its work in our large and functional laboratory and CNC production area, using 3D technological measurement devices, in our multi-functional CNC benches and EDM benches.


The R&D process at Yaşalar consists of the following basic steps:


• - Researching/collecting customer expectations

• - Feasibility studies

• - Technology and investment research

• - Preliminary design studies

• - 3D analysis of design models

• - Model Generation and Design Reviews

• - Conducting evaluation meetings with the participation of Quality, Method, Sales and Purchasing department

• - Prototype part orders and prototype production

• - Performing tests for compliance with technical drawings, customer requirements and standards

• - Preparatory studies for pre-series production

• - Pre-series production

• - Start of mass production

• - Taking the product into mass production and making necessary revisions